Vision Made Clear: Conquer Your Cataracts with Confidence

Cataract SurgeryA clear vision of your world is precious and beautiful, a joy we sometimes take for granted until blurriness and cloudiness start stealing our crystal-clear views. These symptoms often point to a condition known as cataracts.

Understanding Cataracts

A cataract occurs when the natural lens of your eye, usually clear and unblemished, begins to cloud over, much like a frosted windowpane. This clouding interferes with the light reaching your retina, causing blurred or hazy vision.

Causes of Cataracts

Cataracts primarily occur as part of the natural aging process. However, factors like prolonged exposure to sunlight, certain medical conditions such as diabetes, a history of smoking, or even certain medications can speed up the formation of cataracts.

Diagnosing Cataracts

Your journey to clearer vision starts with a comprehensive eye exam. Our expert team uses the latest in diagnostic technology to evaluate your eye health and determine the extent of your cataract development.

Once we’ve confirmed cataracts, it’s time to explore your treatment options. We have three main treatments that we will personalize to fit your unique lifestyle and vision needs.

Treatment Options

Basic Lens Cataract Surgery

Basic Lens Cataract Surgery is our traditional, cost-effective treatment ideal for those comfortable wearing glasses post-surgery. This procedure is often covered by Medicare and most insurance plans, making it a reliable option for restoring clarity to your vision.

  • A cost-effective, traditional treatment.
  • Perfect if you are comfortable wearing glasses post-surgery.
  • Ideal for near and intermediate activities.
  • Typically covered by Medicare and most insurance plans, with costs dependent on deductible status.

Laser-Assisted Surgery with Upgraded Lens

Laser-Assisted Surgery with Upgraded Lens is a sophisticated treatment utilizing the latest cataract technology to optimize vision and reduce mild astigmatism. This procedure is ideal for those looking to lessen their dependence on glasses and is priced depending on the level of astigmatism correction needed.

  • A sophisticated step-up with the latest technology.
  • Suitable if you want to wear glasses less often.
  • Utilizes LENSAR Femtosecond Laser for precision and reduced astigmatism.
  • The extended depth of field implant is used for various corrections.

  • Costs: $1400 with a non-spherical lens, or $2400 per eye for special astigmatism implants.

Customizable Lens Implant Surgery with Rxsight’s Light Adjustable Lens

Customizable Lens Implant Surgery with Rxsight’s Light Adjustable Lens is our premier, fully customizable treatment that prioritizes optimal vision and potential glasses independence. It uniquely allows for post-surgery adjustments to achieve your ideal optical results, making it a top-tier choice for those who value precision and quality in their vision restoration journey.

  • The top-tier, fully customizable option for exceptional vision.
  • Best for you if you desire glasses independence and optimal vision.
  • Doubles the likelihood of achieving 20/20 uncorrected vision.
  • The optics can be adjusted three times for ideal post cataract results.
  • Minimizes issues like halos and glare, crucial for night driving.
  • Uses the RxSight Light Adjustable Lens and in-office UV light delivery device.
  • Costs: $5,000 per eye for this lens and device.

Choosing the right treatment is an important decision, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Schedule your appointment with us today and start your journey towards clear, vibrant vision.

Advanced Surgical Suite and “Light Adjustable Lens” Set New Standard for Cataract Surgery at Barth Vision Care

Advanced Surgical Suite and “Light Adjustable Lens” Set New Standard for Cataract Surgery at Barth Vision Care