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April is Women’s Eye Health Awareness Month

Prevent Blindness, a national non-profit organization with a mission to prevent blindness and preserve eyesight has declared April as Women’s Eye Health and Safety month. Women face unique eye health, a higher risk of certain eye diseases, and different symptoms of eye problems than men. One of the ...


Discover the first and only customizable lens, for cataract surgery — RxSight’s Light Adjustable LensTM

Understanding Cataracts and Traditional Treatment Cataracts, characterized by the clouding of the eye's natural lens, affect millions of people worldwide, causing impaired vision and, in severe cases, blindness. Cataracts occur when proteins in the eye's lens clump together, leading to a loss of transparency and subsequently blurring ...


Prioritize your eye health by breaking these bad habits.

Avoiding bad eye care habits is essential for maintaining healthy vision. Here are the top ten eye care habits to break: 1. Not wearing sunglasses This habit is the worst as it exposes your eyes to harmful UV rays which can lead to various eye problems including cataracts ...


Gaining Insight: November is Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness Month

November is more than just the onset of winter and the anticipation of holiday festivities—it's also Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness Month. This dedicated month aims to shed light on the critical relationship between diabetes and eye health. Diabetes, a chronic condition affecting millions worldwide, has far-reaching implications for ...