Life-changing lens for cataract surgery!

As a lineman/troubleshooter for PG&E, Daniel Garcia has spent all but a few of his 38 years with the company out on emergency calls that often see him perched on power poles, contending with the elements. Daniel has needed glasses or contact lenses for virtually [...]

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April is Women’s Eye Health Awareness Month

Prevent Blindness, a national non-profit organization with a mission to prevent blindness and preserve eyesight has declared April as Women’s Eye Health and Safety month. Women face unique eye health, a higher risk of certain eye diseases, and different symptoms of eye problems than men. [...]

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10 Ways To Prevent Vision Loss From Glaucoma

Many people have glaucoma but don't know it. Glaucoma slowly damages the eye’s optic nerve, the important link between the eye and the brain. People with glaucoma usually lose vision before they notice any problems with their eyes. The most common type of glaucoma is called primary open-angle [...]

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Visual Acuity: What is 20/20 vision?

Visual acuity is the most common clinical measurement of how your eyes function. It's usually one of the first tests taken during a comprehensive eye exam to determine how sharp your vision is.  20/20 Vision If you have 20/20 vision, you can see an object [...]

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