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Eye Safety at Home: Preventing Eye Injuries

Eye Safety at Home: Preventing Eye InjuriesDid you know that about half of all eye injuries happen right at home?Home activities that can injure your eyes include:Cleaning. Chemicals like bleach in household cleaning products cause 125,000 eye injuries each year.Home Improvement. Screws, nails and hand tools can launch ...


Can a Fish Oil Supplement Help With Dry Eye?

Our eyes need a healthy coating of tears. Without this lubrication, our eyes become red, scratchy and irritable. This can lead to a condition called dry eye. Dry eye becomes more common with age. Some women develop dry eye during menopause, due to hormonal changes. Other people ...


Knowing when to resume fitness routine after surgery

It is common to wonder how eye surgery or an eye condition will impact your fitness routine. While it’s important to stay active, some exercise may do more harm than good. Cataracts and exercise Is it safe to exercise with cataracts? Exercise will not make a cataract (cloudy ...