Barth Vision's Office-Based Surgery Has Been a Game-Changer

For Dr. Gary Barth, your sight is his vision. Beyond establishing several renowned practices, including the eponymous Healdsburg-based practice in 2020, he’s brought world-class eye examinations, surgical services, LASIK and Light Adjustable LensTM vision improvement to countless patients. As a testament to his work, Dr. Barth’s accolades include “Best Ophthalmologist” recognition, congressional citations, and numerous service awards.

Office-Based Surgery (OBS) gives Dr. Barth complete control of his OR and schedule.

Barth Vision's Office-Based Surgery Has Been a Game-ChangerDr. Barth opened his state-of-the-art office-based surgical suite here at Barth Vision in July of 2022, and he’s never looked back. His 1,400 square foot surgical suite and Light Adjustable LensTM (LAL) surgery has transformed the way he performs surgery. Dr. Barth has full control of the surgical process end to end, as well as unlimited access to the suite seven days a week. He is able to work with his own schedule instead of the Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC).

Dr. Barth states, “I have been a surgeon in the North Bay for over 40 years and office-based surgery is one of the most revolutionary changes I’ve experienced.”

Here’s why Barth Vision made the move to Office-Based Surgery (OBS).

The primary reasons Barth Vision made the move to OBS, is namely the lack of surgical time in our local ASC. Dr. Barth was limited to one afternoon a week and that was inconvenient for his patients. The patients were tired of waiting for surgery in the ASC. Tired of the inconvenience and stress, Dr. Barth knew there had to be a better way, and I found it with OBS. Once the OBS launched, everything changed. Dr. Barth now has full autonomy without ASC scheduling or paperwork holding him back. Now, Dr. Barth is no longer limited to one day a week. It’s made a world of difference in his practice, and his patients give it the thumbs up too.

Dr. Barth couldn’t be happier.

Barth Vision is redefining cataract surgery with a groundbreaking duo – their cutting-edge surgical suite and Light Adjustable Lens.TM   Barth Vision is the only practice in Sonoma County with both. Barth exclaims that, “I work with a surgical team I know and trust. I choose my own equipment, and I’m not held back by the constraints of a hospital or ASC. Instead, my OR is available 24/7, 365 days a year, and it’s right here in my office.

Dr. Barth further explains, “we perform surgery with oral sedation rather than IV sedation. There’s simply no need for it with OBS. In fact, since the suite launched two years back, I haven’t used IV sedation a single time. That’s not only spared us the expense of an anesthesiologist or CRNA, it’s eliminated the stress of finding one with the shortages we’re experiencing. The combination of OBS and Light Adjustable Lens TM has transformed my practice in so many positive ways.”

Barth Vision patients couldn’t be happier.

The patients at Barth Vision experience less stress and anxiety when their surgery is performed in a place that’s familiar to them by a team they know and trust. There are no crowded waiting rooms, no scheduling conflicts, and no surprises when it comes to cost. Barth Vision can customize each patient’s experience, while adjusting prices to fit their individual needs. And since there’s no need for IV sedation, there’s no reason to fast. Recovery is quicker, and surgery time is considerably less than that of an ASC. Start to finish, the process is patient-centered. And that’s what a practice should be.

“From initial consultation through post-surgical care, everything’s in one place. And that’s made my patients much more comfortable.”

My team couldn’t be happier.

The Barth Vision team is completely invested in the surgical process now. They’re empowered to make critical decisions, explore more creative options, and really get to know each patient. They often submit ideas that streamline the surgical experience and improve efficiencies. In short, the Barth Vision team is a more cohesive. I know them and they know me. That’s rarely true at the ASC.

“My team can’t wait for the days they get to assist in our in-house surgical suite.”

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