Advanced Surgical Suite and “Light Adjustable Lens” Set New Standard for Cataract Surgery at Barth Vision Care

Longtime North Bay vision care leader Dr. Gary Barth of Barth Vision Care recently announced two major developments that may be able to dramatically enhance outcomes and convenience for patients requiring cataract surgery.

First, Barth debuted an in-house surgery suite in Santa Rosa that now allows him to perform cataract surgery without intravenous sedation (IV).

In addition, he has equipped his Healdsburg office with a “Light Adjustable Lens,”™ the first intraocular lens (IOL) that allows patients to work with their eye care physician to customize their vision after cataract surgery.

The lens, designed by a Nobel Prize-winning scientist and produced by RxSight®, gives patients the unique ability to preview and adjust their ultimate vision outcome based on their personal characteristics and lifestyle desires. Dr. Barth will provide this customization after lens implantation through a short series of office-based light treatment procedures that require only a few minutes each.

Data on the effectiveness of the Light Adjustable Lens have shown it to deliver superior visual outcomes that non-adjustable IOLs cannot match. In a study of 600 subjects, those who received the Light Adjustable Lens followed by office-based adjustments were twice as likely to achieve 20/20 distance vision at six months without glasses than those who received a standard monofocal IOL.

“Both the new surgical suite and the Light Adjustable Lens figure to be game-changers for my cataract patients across the North Bay,” says Barth, a board-certified ophthalmologist whose previous experience establishing eye care centers includes co-founding the Eye Care Institute and 4th Street Laser & Surgery Center in Santa Rosa, and the Corneal Transplant Eye Bank of Sonoma.

“Our ever-increasing aging population, living longer lives, increasing the demand for cataract surgery, which will strain the available resources. “Both our Light Adjustable Lens and our in-house surgery suite are the only combined center and advanced cataract equipment north of San Jose. The surgical suite uses our available team to make it easier to schedule patients and make sure they get cared for in timely fashion. I’m very excited to be offering these new services to my patients.”

As in all medical procedures, outcomes with the Light Adjustable Lens vary, and it is not advisable for every patient. Patients should consult with their eye care physician to determine if they are a good candidate for the procedure.

In addition to our advanced diagnostic and surgical services, Barth Vision & Optical also offers a full-service optical department where patients can choose among a wide variety of frames, specialty lenses and sunglasses, including many designer brands not available in most optical shops. Make an appointment today.