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We are excited to offer the option for telemedicine appointments in order to obtain eye care and connect with your doctor from the comfort of your own home.

These exams are also covered by your insurance.

Telemedicine appointments usually last about 15 minutes and are easy to do with your smart phone, tablet, or computer. You will be sent a link to follow on your email prior to your appointment.  Simply follow the prompts to connect with your doctor. If you are having problems with connecting with our office, call us at (707) 955-1120. Prior to your exam, you will be greeted by a front desk representative to verify and update your health  information, prescription medications, and gather other information, as necessary, for your meeting with the doctor. Your doctor will then discuss your eye health and make recommendations for a course of treatment. Please keep in mind, some Telehealth visits may require in-office follow-up appointments.

Don’t have a telemed appointment? No problem! Please call our office at (707) 955-1120 or use our form and our staff will be happy to assist you