Comprehensive eye examinations – because your vision is important!

Barth Vision and Optical offers state of the art vision screening for patients. To adequately evaluate eyes and vision our comprehensive examination is focused on obtaining a conclusive diagnosis so that we can prescribe proper treatment. Comprehensive eye examinations are the only effective way [...]

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Does Having Cataract Surgery Make Macular Degeneration Worse?

In patients with age-related macular degeneration (AMD), the development of cataracts can only complicate already challenged vision. The question becomes, does having cataract surgery to restore some clear vision if you already have macular degeneration make sense? The answer is probably yes ... but [...]

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How to Get the Best UV Protection With Sunglasses

There is no better way to see on a sunny day than by wearing sunglasses. But did you know that sunglasses can also be your first line of defense against ultraviolet (UV) rays that can cause short- and long-term eye damage? When eyes are [...]

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Elevated eye pressure treatment reevaluated

More than 20 years after the launch of a landmark clinical trial, follow-up examinations and analyses found that not all patients with elevated eye pressure need pressure-lowering treatment to prevent vision loss from glaucoma. When the study was launched, it was universally accepted that [...]

Patients’ driving performance improves by 48 percent after cataract surgery

The ability of cataract surgery to restore sight is well known. People say they're stunned by the vibrancy of color after surgery and the improvement in night vision. Some can even reduce their reliance on glasses. But can you quantify that improved quality [...]

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