Sunglasses play an important role in maintaining good eye health by protecting the eyes from harmful UV radiation and other potential hazards. When selecting sunglasses for eye health, it is important to choose a pair that provides 100% UVA and UVB protection and fits well to prevent sunlight from entering around the edges. Polarized lenses can also be beneficial for reducing glare, which is nice if you are spending a lot of time on the water. It is also a good idea to choose sunglasses that are impact-resistant and provide adequate coverage to protect the eyes from potential hazards. Wearing sunglasses regularly can help protect the eyes and maintain good eye health over time.

1. Prevent Sun-Related Health Problems

Wearing sunglasses can significantly reduce your risk of developing these conditions.

  • Skin and Eye Cancer
    The skin around your eyes, including your eyelids is very sensitive to sunlight. And nearly 10% of skin cancers are found near the eyes. Wearing UV-protective wraparound sunglasses with large lenses can not only protect your eyes, but they’ll protect your skin, too.
    Some studies show that UV exposure and light irises may increase the risk of rare eye cancers, such as melanoma of the iris or uveal melanoma.
  • Cataracts & Glaucoma
    Cataracts are cloudy areas on the eye’s lens. According to the Glaucoma Research Foundation, prolonged and long-term exposure to the sun’s UV rays contribute to cataracts. UV exposure may also worsen the symptoms of Glaucoma, another serious eye condition that can result in blindness. Sunglasses with complete UV protection can help reduce your risk of cataracts or complications from glaucoma.
  • Macular Degeneration
    Macular Degeneration is a condition where part of the retina, called the macula, deteriorates, causing impaired vision and in many cases, eventual blindness. Certain types of UV radiation can speed up this process, so wearing sunglasses may help protect you.
  • Pterygium
    Also known as surfer’s eye, pterygium is a growth on the eyeball itself. It’s usually not serious, but it can be painful and annoying. Eye drops, steroids and surgery (in advanced cases) are the most common treatments.

2. Reduce glare

Bright sunlight can cause glare which can be uncomfortable and even dangerous when driving or engaging in outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking or water sports. Sunglasses with polarized lenses can reduce glare and make it easier to see clearly in bright sunlight.

3. Prevent wrinkles

Squinting in bright sunlight can cause wrinkles around the eyes. Wearing sunglasses can help reduce the need to squint as well as protect the area around the eye from the sun UV rays and can therefore help prevent premature aging.

4. Eye comfort

Bright sunlight can be a trigger for migraines and bad headaches. Wearing sunglasses can help reduce both the frequency and intensity of these painful occurrences. And even if you’re not a headache or migraine sufferer, wearing sunglasses when out in the sun can help reduce eyestrain and fatigue, meaning that you’ll just be more comfortable and enjoy your time outdoors even more.

5. Improve vision

Sunglasses can enhance your vision by improving color perception and contrast. This can be particularly helpful when driving, playing sports or engaging in other outdoor activities.

6. Protection from the elements

The sun isn’t the only thing that can damage your eyes. Sunglasses can also protect your eyes from debris such as dust, sand or small insects that can be blown into your eyes on windy days or when engaging in outdoor activities. Getting sand in your eyes can be very painful and dangerous. Tiny grains of sand can actually scratch your eye and can cause permanent damage.

You might be surprised to know that spending time in the snow can be very damaging to your eyes and can cause a condition known as snow blindness, where glare from the sun actually burns the cornea. If you’re skiing, climbing snowy mountains or spending time in the snow (at any time of year), wear sunglasses. Make sure they cover and protect the bottom of your eyes, because of the reflective nature of the snow.

7. Style and fun

Sunglasses are a great accessory that can help complete your outfit and make you look stylish and fashionable. With so many styles and colors to choose from, you can find a pair that fits your personal style.

Sunglasses aren’t just for sunny days, either. UV rays can still penetrate clouds, so it’s important to wear sunglasses even on overcast days. And don’t forget to wear them in the winter, too!

Good eye health is important at any age, but it becomes even more critical as we get older. By wearing sunglasses that provide UV protection, you can help prevent these issues and keep your eyes healthy for years to come.

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