As a lineman/troubleshooter for PG&E, Daniel Garcia has spent all but a few of his 38 years with the company out on emergency calls that often see him perched on power poles, contending with the elements. Daniel has needed glasses or contact lenses for virtually every life activity since elementary school. So he was intrigued when his doctor referred him to Dr. Gary Barth for cataract surgery and he discovered he was also a good candidate for a Light Adjustable Lens procedure that could eliminate his need for glasses other than for prolonged reading activities.

“It’s been a game changer,” says Daniel. “I love my job, but it involves some long days. Wearing contact lenses for extended periods can be hard on your eyes, and wearing glasses is especially tough during storms. It’s a whole new world being able to see everything without needing glasses from the moment I get out of bed in the morning.

“And Dr. Barth was great—professional and thorough. Then he called me the night after the surgery and again on Sunday afternoon, just to check in. I’m very happy with the whole experience, and living a life I never thought would be possible for me.”

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